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A Spiritual Manifesto for Millennials Who Want to Change the World

With our world facing so many issues (environmental degradation, rising economic and social inequality, narrowing access to healthcare, to name a few), we are in dire need of people with open hearts and creative will power who acknowledge that social change is as much about societal progress as it is about each of us having quantum awareness and awakened consciousness.

This inner transformation process restores our personal power through self-awareness and love. It breaks the egotistical legacies of oppression, supremacy, victimization, and limitation that otherwise leave us trapped in the past.

We do not see with our eyes we see with our beliefs
— Unknown

For young social entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, off-the-gridders, nonprofit workers, visionaries, activists, and others genuinely concerned about the state of our world, understand that if we are serious about making a difference, we have to simultaneously engage in spiritual activism by confronting ourselves.

Our personal and collective memories shape and define what we consider possible and impossible. We literally are only able to perceive what our previous experiences tells us is possible. Our cognitive dissonance compromises our possibilities every day. To understand this, we have to acknowledge a Universal Truth:


For those of us who seek to positively influence the planet, we must understand the nature of reality. Despite centuries of social struggle for rights and freedom, why do we find that certain –--isms and disparities persist? The institutions we organize to transform, within a few decades, organically absorb our pressure for change and intensify our struggle. What does it take to collectively manifest institutional and social changes that do not allow the powers-that-be to simply morph into our next greatest threat—a reality that reflects the truth of who We Are?


The answer lies in the water we drink—keeping in mind the human body is over 70% water. Our social issues are the manifestation of our collective consciousness, the water we drink. These issues and the personal experiences that accompany them, informed the early formation of our egos: our identities, how we relate to the world, what we deem possible, important, and inevitable.

Our generation is taxed to solve and otherwise mediate global issues with innovative solutions that truly work for everyone. To do so requires that we use creativity that challenges what we determine is possible and transpersonal decision-making that reflects our interconnectedness as beings on Earth.

How can we get to this level of awareness and ability? The answer lies in engaging the tango of ‘do-be-do’, which means incorporating self-reflection practices into our social change work.  

Let's do it together.

A Vision for Millennial Revolutionaries of Love

Spiritually and Socially Conscious Millennials (and those young at heart) Everywhere

If you’re looking to heal your familial and romantic relationships, discover your higher purpose and true desires, release the past, and develop new patterns of thinking and being, MidMillenni is absolutely the place for you. We’re talking self-directed life transformation possibilities here, with the use of a collective consciousness coaching (CCC) model I developed.  With meditation and creative exercises, I will help you identify your subconscious blockages and deeply held beliefs and desires.  We will also collaboratively create visions for a more empowered reality in our individual lives and shared futures.  


4 Unique Benefits

of the Collective Consciousness Coaching Model (CCC) in MidMillenni courses:

1.      A ‘safe’, positive, supportive, inclusive space to share what you normally would not share or would have difficulty sharing, or have never been given the opportunity to express.

2.      To do this you are given deeply insightful exercises that put you in touch with your inner child, your shadow, your trauma, and your wounds.

3.      A spiritual consciousness facilitator, Revolutionary Goddess, who intuitively guides group discussion and guards the sanctity of our collective space.  There are no expert/guru answers or pretenses. You are in charge of your self-realization.  And you are encouraged to share what insights you uncover for the mutual healing benefits of others in the class.

4.      The use of human development tools such as Myers-Briggs and Enneagram personality typing, astrology, numerology as aids in your self-exploration.

Research shows that writing and other forms of creative expression, coupled with guidance in a safe collective space, enables us to unearth our deepest feelings, memories, and psychological blockages.  We can uncover our deepest desires for a healthier, more empowered identity, relationship, and community beyond the restrictions and definitions we are taught to accept in our personal lives and in our world.



Example upcoming classes include:

  • Transforming Your Relationship with Family for Healing and Self-Empowerment
  • Discovering and Stepping into Your Life’s Mission
  • Rewriting Your Life’s Story by Redefining Your Past
  • Recovering from and Releasing Anger and Resentment as Daily Practice
  • Relieving the Self-Critic and Self-Sabotage by Nurturing your Inner Child
  • Finding/Reclaiming Your Authentic Voice and Truth in Any Situation


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